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About Oh Rep!

Honest Auction seller and buyer reputation system

Online Auction site's built in reputation systems are virtually useless, no-one who's used online auctions for any length of time would leave negative feedback for fear of a retaliatory negative. Giving a negative is almost a guarantee that you will get a negative in return; even if your part of
the transaction was perfect the other person will most likely do it to prompt a mutual withdrawal of the negative you left.
Reputations are critical for buying and selling on online auctions however the built in systems simply do not help.

OhRep is different, it allows buyers and sellers to leave anonymous feedback for their transactions and is not restricted to a single line of text.
OhRep will provide a much more honest feedback rating for you to check before parting with your money or goods.

All systems have flaws and potentially OhRep is open to abuse however the motivation for abuse is very low and the benefits are virtually nill, even with massive amounts of effort.

In general OhRep reputations will be significantly lower than the online auction site's feedback ratings due to OhRep more likely to be used when someone has a grievance they dare not raise on the auction feedback system. As a result it is critical that the feedback listed on OhRep is
considered in conjunction with the auction sites own feedback and considers the seller or buyers volume of feedback. Some bad feedback is acceptable and OhRep feedback should always be considered as a percentage of the whole picture.

For example a seller with 1000 positives and no negatives on eBay but 5 negatives and 10 positives on OhRep could still be considered a good seller. Especially compared to a seller with 1000 positives and no negatives on eBay but 50 negatives and no positives on OhRep.

You should also remember that some people are never happy with any level of service so even the best sellers on eBay will get some negatives.

Remember, it's your money that's at stake, you deserve to have access to open and honest feedback on the people you are trading with.

If you have a good or bad experience with any online auction trader then please enter it on Oh Rep!, the more you put in the more you will get out.

Oh Rep! also allows anyone to leave comments on Traders that they see are trying to scam people without actually dealing with them. If you see an auction that is clearly a scam then comment on it here, although online auction sites have facilities for reporting scam auctions in many cases they simply don't act unless the auction is so bad it makes it into the press.

If you believe you have been wrongly given a negative on an online auction then you can also use Oh Rep! to explain the circumstances fully, please quote the item number and give details in your own feedback page
Even if you were wrong you can explain the mistake, being open and honest about circumstances will give buyers an opportunity to overlook the negative.

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